Pensions and
401(k) Plans

Lynx advises on Defined Contribution [401(k) / 403(b)] and Defined Benefit retirement accounts. We provide the following services to support plan sponsors in the application of their fiduciary duties:

Plan Design:

  • Assess the requirements of the plan
  • Evaluate and recommend service providers
  • If applicable, create or review the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Evaluate fees and expenses at the provider and fund level

Investment Advice to Plan Trustees:

  • Investment Advice to Plan Trustees
  • Analyze investment options
  • Provide guidance on size and scope of fund offerings
  • Recommend both actively managed and index funds for the platform
  • Provide general market outlook and economic commentary
  • Monitor investment performance of the selected funds
  • Report on participant plan utilization and investment selection and advise trustees on the status and if amendments or additional education are warranted

Participant Education:

  • Work with plan provider to provide participant enrollment and education sessions

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