Asset Allocation

Strategic asset allocation:

In tandem with each client, Lynx develops a high-level, long-term strategic portfolio allocation across different asset classes, investment styles and liquidity and risk profiles. The team uses analytical software to compute optimizations. Our software has flexible asset allocation modeling capabilities that permit us to adjust model para-meterizations, impose constraints on asset classes, target arrays of returns or variances, project future expected investment results or to compute Monte Carlo simulations of financial outcomes with or without withdrawals for operating expenditures.

Strategic asset allocation is updated over time to integrate the emergence of new trends, or as investment horizons and client objectives evolve.

Portfolio construction:

Lynx is free to recommend any manager or investment strategy, including both active and passive investments. The Lynx team thrives on unearthing attractive investment opportunities and seeking managers that can execute on these opportunities. Lynx does not practice a conventional 60/40 portfolio approach but rather arrives at allocations based on market outlook and client objectives. Lynx does not like to categorize managers in growth or value boxes, but prefers to evaluate them on their approach to overall security selection. Lynx’s portfolio construction design is based on choosing those appropriate active and passive investment strategies which would best meet client objectives. The Lynx approach balances the risk, reward and costs of investing in such strategies while proactively negotiating fees wherever possible.

As a full-service consultant Lynx believes strongly in providing robust and diversified options for its clients. This includes a variety of socially responsible, as well as alternative structures that allow clients to trade-off immediate liquidity for potentially higher returns over the long term. Lynx invests in mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, commingled investment trusts, private equity, private debt, hedge funds, fund of funds and niche lending opportunities.

Tactical asset allocation:

Lynx is constantly monitoring and analyzing global macroeconomic and market environments. When opportunities emerge, as a result of financial markets stress or exogenous chocs, Lynx’s team could recommend shorter-term investment ideas, based on client’s risk tolerance and overall portfolio exposure to market factors.

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