Multi Generational

Multi Generational Families Face Unique Challenges:

Family Governance:

  • Poor or inadequate family governance and communication
  • Lack of investment experience or differing levels of experience among family members
  • Conflicts of interests between associated parties or differing goals/ values among the trustees and/or beneficiaries

Financial Governance:

  • Lack of transparency regarding costs, fees and performance
  • Concentrated investment risk; e.g. single stock risk
  • Biased investment decisions; e.g. pet projects,legacy investments
  • Structuring a tax efficient strategy
  • Aligning interests regarding philanthropic and gifting goals

How Lynx can help address these challenges:


  • Serve as outsourced CIO (OCIO) for a family portfolio, or advise on a portion of the investments
  • Expert advice from affiliated estate and trust consultant to better align investment and tax paying goals
  • Set up performance and spending goals through an investment policy document that is independent, objective and free of conflicts
  • As a fiduciary, bring investment ideas to the family and, if needed, educate the family on how each investment fits into their overall portfolio goals
  • Coordinate and actively participate in meetings with family advisors, including tax advisors, attorneys and estate planners, when requested
  • Provide financial planning and tax preparation and advice through our partners.

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