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Lynx works with a diverse group of separate account managers, mutual funds, ETFs and pooled-funds, both active and passive, that we recommend within various asset classes. While Lynx’s research and consulting teams continuously monitor existing investments, significant resources are allocated to new investment ideas, offerings and money managers to enhance the choices available to our clients.

Investment manager selection is based on careful, independent research and approval by Lynx’s Investment Committee, with the reassurance of ongoing due diligence. Investment manager research relies on both quantitative and qualitative analysis, but ultimately on independent judgment. Some criteria on which we evaluate managers include:

  • Appreciation and respect for their fiduciary duty;
  • Clearly stated investment philosophy coupled with a disciplined, repeatable investment process;
  • Style drift analysis;
  • Risk management and robust internal controls;
  • Focus on performance, not asset gathering;
  • Manager credentials and track record;
  • Personal investment in strategy (“skin in the game”); and
  • Ease of access and transparent and consistent communication

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