Non-profits and
industry associations

Lynx has served not-for-profit clients for 29 years and has extensive knowledge regarding the characteristics and best practices required to effectively manage non-profit assets for sustainability and for the fulfillment of the organizations’ missions. As a Registered Investment Advisor governed by the Fiduciary Standard, Lynx takes very seriously a non-profit’s willingness to delegate investment advice and authority to a third party. Many of the Principals at Lynx have served or currently serve as board members and/or officers of non-profits, and have benefited from the sharing of best practices for non-profit investment management and governance.

Some ways Lynx can help your non-profit or association:

  • Assess portfolio performance and suitability in terms of your organization’s goals rather than only comparing to benchmarks
  • Construct your Investment Committee
  • Define the Investment Committee’s role as fiduciary
  • Re-write your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Assess total portfolio fees over time and their impact on overall performance
  • Act as unrelated fiduciary for your organization (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, OCIO).

Lynx serves as objective, unbiased advisors, while being keenly aware of the standards and requirements of non-profit governance.

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