Internally Managed

Real Assets

  • Lynx often recommends that clients have exposure to real assets with increasing demand, diminishing supply and lack of substitutes.
  • Since 2009, Lynx has managed a real asset strategy available in separate accounts for accredited investors in a pooled investment fund.

Opportunistic Portfolio

  • Strategy that targets dislocations and disruptive thematic trends
  • Portfolio is invested in a concentrated basket of public equity and public debt instruments potentially offering higher return and higher risk
  • Low-cost, discretionary investment approach with strict
    concentration limits and daily liquidity
  • Target return is over 10% per annum with recommended
    investment horizon of 3 years

Growth and Income Portfolio

  • Objective of the Portfolio is to invest in a growth and income allocation that is appropriate for a long-term time horizon of greater than 5 years.
  • The goal of the Portfolio is to outperform inflation, as
    measured by CPI plus 3% on an annualized basis over the stated time horizon.
  • Diversified across asset classes in order to strike a balance
    between growing the portfolio and reducing downside risk relative to the overall stock market.

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