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At Lynx, DEI is foundational to our business and the work that we do. The diversity of Lynx’s employees–in race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and geographic location–is not only a goal, but a source of competitiveness, bringing a broad array of viewpoints, backgrounds and experiences that strengthen the business and improve the advice we give to our clients. A snapshot of how Lynx incorporates DEI into its business:

Key Principles:

Diversity: We actively seek and embrace a workforce that reflects the richness and diversity of the communities we serve.

Equity: We provide equal opportunities for career advancement, regardless of background or identity.

Inclusion: We foster a culture where everyone feels heard, valued and welcome to contribute their unique talents and perspectives. We ensure all individuals have access to resources and support to succeed.

Actionable Strategies:

Recruitment and Hiring: We strive to remove any systemic biases in hiring, utilizing inclusive language in job descriptions and continually work to avoid unconscious bias in the selection processes.

Compensation and Benefits: We ensure fair and equitable pay across all genders and demographics, and offer benefits that cater to diverse needs and cultural backgrounds.

Work-Life Balance: We offer flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies to support employees of all backgrounds and family structures.

Residency and Citizenship: Lynx partners with a law firm to provide full residency and citizenship services to employees at no cost to them should they require such services.

Community Involvement: Lynx’s commitment is not just to its clients and colleagues, but also to the community in which we live and work. Since its founding, Lynx and its employees have volunteered with and supported local organizations that are engaged in uplifting communities.

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